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Welcome to Rabin Resume Vcard WordPress Theme Documentation. In the event that you need anything doesn't hesitate to pose inquiries by reaching our 24 hours help to get to our Help Desk. This is the guidance manual for the Rabin Resume Vcard WordPress Theme that you read this record cautiously as it will help you a ton in making your site, it indicates you much data about the topic. Likewise, we recommend you investigate the assistance region on Help Desk for video instructional exercises and well-ordered aides.

Before you start playing with this Premium Theme, let's check what you've downloaded so far:

  • Theme - rabin-resume-vcard theme
  • Documentation - That's where you
  • Demo Content - Demo content and theme setting file for complate setup.

Theme Installation #back to top

You can install Rabin Resume Vcard Line WordPress Theme by uploading directly the zip ( file via WordPress Theme Uploader.

WordPress Upload

  1. Theme installation process is same as others.
  2. Download the .zip file. (rabin-resume-vcard-pro can be downloaded from after the purchase. )
  3. Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress Dashboard.
  4. Click on the Add New button.
  5. Click on the Upload Theme button on the top.
  6. Use Choose File button to select file.
  7. Select the theme ‘zip’ file from your computer and click Install Now Button.
  8. After successfully installing the theme click “Activate Theme”.
Read the official documentation.

Install Theme via FTP

  1. Download the .zip file. (rabin-resume-vcard-pro can be downloaded from after the purchase. ) And Unzip the rabin-resume-vcard-pro Open up your FTP manager and connect to your hosting
  2. Browse to wp-content/themes
  3. Upload the rabin-resume-vcard-pro theme folder.
  4. Log Into WordPress and go to Appearance - Themes
  5. Find the profix and click activate

Importing Demo Content

The theme comes with a importable demo content package. This package includes posts, pages, comments, settings, image and so on. This demo will help you to learn how the theme works. To import demo Data, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to dashboard and click on PLugins > Add New search One click Demo import
  2. Click install now
  3. Then click Activate
  4. Now click Appearance->import demo data
  5. Choose XML file from demo data folder (demo-data.xml)
  6. Choose WIE file for widget from demo data folder (widgets.wie)
  7. Click on Import Data
  8. Just wait...
  9. For Theme options setting go to Theme options then click Backup
  10. Now Copy all text from theme-options.txt and paste it to backup section and click on Import a backup

Easy way to import Demo Data, Contant, Widgets and Theme Option

  1. Go to dashboard and click on PLugins > Add New search All-in-One WP Migration
  2. Click on install now
  3. Then click on Activate
  4. Now click on All-in-One WP Migration > import and Upload All-in-One-WP-Migration.wpress File
  5. Default User Name: admin
  6. Default Password: admin123
  7. Create a New User and Remove Default User
Click To more details

One Click Importer

Before running the importer, make sure that you have installed and activated the required and recommended plugins. You will see a message at the top of your dashboard if you have not yet done so.

  1. Goto Appearance -> Import Demo Data.
  2. Click the Import button under the Demo you want to import.
  3. Be patient and wait for the import process to complete. It can take up to 5-7 minutes.

Make sure to only run the Demo Importer one time. Running it multiple times will result in duplicate content.

How long should it take?

The demo import should take around 5-7 minutes to complete. There are a lot of big and beautiful images and sliders, so moving that much content can take some time. If you find that the import is taking much longer than 5-7 minutes, there’s probably a problem, and you can navigate away from the import page.

If the import does get stuck, you may need to increase the max exectution time. You can do this by adding this code to your wp-config.php file right above the “/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */” line:


If you continue to have trouble, make sure that you have enough memory allocated to php. This can be set in your wp-config.php file. Try upping it to 256M. Learn about changing max memory limit.

Before running the demo import again, you should reset the database. We recommend the WordPress Reset plugin.

Alternative Importing Method

If the one click demo import does not complete or takes too long, you most likely have a memory limit on your server as explained above. Here is another method to try.

  1. Go to Tools -> Import
  2. Choose “WordPress” from the list.
  3. Upload the demo.xml using the form provided on that page. The xml file can be found in the theme folder in inc/demo-import/demo.xml.
  4. You will be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the blog. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the blog or to create a new user.
  5. You will then have the choice to import attachments, so click on the “Download and import file attachments” box.
  6. If the import does not fully complete, repeat these steps again as many times as necessary until you receive the Success message.

Troubleshooting Possible Errors

If you encounter the message “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” or “The link you followed has expired” when attempting to install, this is most likely occurring because your server has a low maximum file size upload/low maximum execution time set in the PHP settings. You must increase the following PHP settings to be greater than 24M (Any reputable hosting company will assist you with this quickly & hassle free):

  • ⦁ upload_max_filesize – greater than 24M
  • ⦁ post_max_size – greater than 24M
  • ⦁ max_execution_time – greater than 100
or you can upload the theme through FTP instead to bypass this all together.

Essential (Basic) Plugins and Installation

For utilizing the majority of the theme features, you need to install and activate the required plugins. All essential plugins are included in the Online CV Resume WordPress theme.

  1. KingComposer
  2. Contact Form 7

Install the above essential plugins in 2 easy stages.

Stage 1: Go to Dashboard. You will see a notification at the highest point of the page asking to install the recommended plugins. Install these recommended plugins from there. Or, go to Appearance > Install Plugins and you’ll see a notification.

Stage 2: Then click on the Activate link under each plugin title and enjoy these plugins.

Navigation and Page Setup #back to top

For using Rabin Resume Vcard WordPress Theme Navigation and Page Setup, you’ll go to Appearance > Menus.

Rabin Resume Vcard Framework > Flipbook Pages > Nav Id

First go to apperence. Then select menus and theme options Rabin Resume Vcard framework. Then go to flipbook pages. Nav ID will be same.


Video Instruction of How to Setup Homepage


Video Instruction of How to Setup Resume


Video Instruction of How to Setup Works


Video Instruction of How to Setup Blog

Contact Now

Contact Form 7 HTML Code

HTML Minifier
Embed Google Map
[text* contact_name class:form-control placeholder "name"]
[email* contact_email class:form-control placeholder "email"]
[textarea contact_message class:form-control placeholder "Message"]
[submit class:btn class:btn-light class:mt-3 "Send Message"]

Contact Us Address Code


709 Honey Creek Dr. New York 10028.


Mon-Fri 9am-10pm

Video Instruction of How to Setup Contact Us Page

Theme Framework Setup #back to top


Framework global Settings


Framework Social Settings


Framework Colors Settings

Body Font Family

Framework Body Font Family Settings

Body Font Size

Framework Body Font Size Settings

Flipbook Pages

Framework Flipbook Pages Settings


Framework Backup